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For owners, breeders and vets

The New JODEL Pet Pad is designed to provide a safe heated area where pets can relax and sleep in safety and comfort.

Temperature Controlled

The temperature can be set by the user and is fully adjustable. The Temperature Control Unit automatically maintains the pad at this temperature safely and efficiently.

Heat Therapy

Our pads provide precise heat and are extremely tough. They are useful for post-surgery or elderly pets. The heat from the pad promotes blood flow and relaxation and can decrease inflammation in muscles and joints.

Tough and reliable

20 years of proven technology. Tough and safe, the pad is fully heat adjustable, waterproof and shockproof.

Product History

O'Donnell Enterprises is a family run Irish business established over 20 years ago.

During this time, we have been asked many times if customers can use the JODEL pad for pets instead of pigs. With this in mind, our design team developed a heated pad specifically for pets, using the same trusted technology as our JODEL pig pad.

The original JODEL Pad was created primarily for the Pig Industry. During the design and development of this product, the main areas we focused on were safety, reliability, durability and energy efficiency.

We now have tens of thousands of JODEL pig pads operating throughout the world, and the JODEL Pad is now manufactured in the USA as well as Ireland.

Our Pet Pad

You can purchase the pad in two sizes :

Small - 20" by 16" (500mm by 400mm)
Large - 4ft. by 1ft. (1200mm by 300mm)

The Jodel pet pad comes with a temperature control unit, which ensures the correct temperature is maintained at all times with minimal electricity consumption guaranteed.

To ensure that our high standards of safety, reliability, durability and energy efficiency were kept, we field tested the Pet Pad for 18 months at a local Veterinary Hospital. Please see our testimonial page for what they thought!

The JODEL Heat Pad System was designed and developed in Ireland in 1994, primarily for the pig industry. When designing the product, the main areas of focus during development were safety, reliability, durability and energy efficiency. This has been our philosophy, and we have built our business on these principles.

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Purr-fections Cattery

Purr-fections Cattery
County Leitrim
Tel: 0861525366

I recently built a cattery in Co Leitrim and was looking for the most cost effective way to heat the sleeping accommodation.

Most catteries use electric pads or infra red lights which over the winter period can cost quite significantly. I needed something that was proven to cost little but provide the heat required 24/7 with safety being priority. I was delighted to find the Jodel Heatpads. They have proven to be everything I required and more.

From my initial meeting with Jimmy to having them installed it was an easy process and very effective. I have seven pads all linked with the controller in my near-by shed. The pods are closed in so the heat rises and then is constant throughout the day with no major changes to my ESB bill. Even if all my pods are not full I have no hesitation in heating the unused pods as the cost in minimal. Our electrician had no problems installing them and I have no issues on knowing how to work them.

The cats love them and are often found lying across them. I think they are an ideal solution to heating boarding kennels and if and when I need to expand the cattery it is only a matter of buying more pads as the controller will work 24.

- Purr-fections Cattery

Breifne Animal Care

Cavan Pet Hospital
Ballinagh Road
Co. Cavan

Cavan Pet Hospital has had the JODEL pet pads on trial now for two years. We have found the product to be extremely useful and versatile in the veterinary environment.

The product has a number of uses in the clinical setting from keeping small, young, elderly, ill and post surgical patients warm (an extremely important part of their nursing care) in the kennel area to preventing hypothermia in anaesthetised patients during lengthy surgical procedures in the operating theatre. The product can be placed under all these patients safely as the preferred temperature can be selected without danger of the product overheating and causing thermal burns. This is a particularly important feature as a recumbent animal can often not move away from a heat source and severe injuries can be sustained as a result.

We have found the product easy to use, of good size for both kennels and the operating table and easy to transport around the clinic. Safety is, of course, of paramount importance and we have found the product to be very well made, with high standards of safety in the design. The petpads are robust and have withstood the trials of everyday veterinary practice. They are very easy to clean, again a very important feature as sterility when working with ill and surgical patients is of critical concern.

This product has the potential to be used in a wide range of animal based environments and we would be more than happy to continue using the product in our veterinary hospital.

Yours faithfully,

Finbar Kiernan (MRCVS)

MaryKate RVN

Head Veterinary Nurse,
O'Dowd's Veterinary Hospital,
Hale Street,
Tel: 041 6853722

We purchased the heat pad in May 2015. The heat pad provides us with a low risk method of keeping our patients warm during anaesthetic.

We routinely use the heat pad for any long surgeries and dental procedures.

It is very convenient, easy to use, and allows us to make precise adjustments in temperature requirements. The heat is consistent and is evenly distributed beneath the patient allowing the animal to experience a more comfortable recovery.

I would recommend this heat pad to all small animal veterinary practices as it is a nurses best friend.

Kind Regards,


Galway Kennels

The Galway Kennel Company Limited
Co. Galway
Tel: 091 635 997

Galway Kennels have utilised the Jodel pet pad from O'Donnell Enterprises since 2007 and are delighted to recommend the system to all potential users, particularly those in the Pet Boarding business.

The system is easy to install, simple to set up and cheap to run; all the important elements of a successful product.

The support and advice provided by O'Donnell Enterprises has been consistently excellent.

Brian & Olwen O'Rourke
- Directors, 'The Galway Kennel Company Limited'

Ann Collier

Pug Breeder
Co. Carlow
Tel: 087 9585693

I have been breeding pugs for the last 30 years and the importance of keeping new born puppies warm, and at equal heat at all times is paramount. I have used heat lamps for years, and while they are efficient, JODELpetpads have an equal distribution to keep both mother and puppies warm. I found JODELpetpads ideal for regulating heat, and easy set up. There is a minimal cost to your electricity bill, and another huge benefit is, it is so easy to clean after use.

I dealt with Jimmy, who is very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond for his customers. His service was so impressive, that is so hard to find nowadays. I have no problem recommending JODELpetpads to anyone, and I can guarantee that you will not be sorry when you decide to buy!

Ann Collier

Fon Roche

Co. Wexford

I heard from a fellow dog breeder, about Jodel heat pads. She told me you could actually see the puppies growing, which I thought was a slight exaggeration but in fact it is very true.

Since fitting my heat pads I have decreased the number of fatalities immensely. I have cut my electricity bill by half at least, perhaps a lot more. Jimmy and staff are true gentlemen, and have always been on hand 24 hours a day for any help that I may need. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jodel heat pads to anyone.

Excellent product and brilliant service.

Fon Roche

Contact: +353 (0) 49 4330088  Mobile +353 (0) 86 2597617

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use the JODEL Pet Pad temperature controller unit with the JODEL pet pad?
We highly recommend that all JODEL pet pads are regulated by the JODEL Pet Pad controller in order to achieve the maximum energy saving. The controller clearly displays the actual pad surface temperature within ±1°C. The controller allows simple adjustment of the pad temperature in order to provide for maximum pet comfort. The JODEL Pet Pad controller has been specifically developed to control pet pads.
Can I put a cover over the pet pad?
Currently, we do not supply any covers as we feel once the operating temperature has been reached, your pet(s) will be incredibly comfortable. However, if you feel your pet(s) would prefer to lie on a cover this may be placed on the pad surface.
How do I clean the heat pad?
The JODEL heat pad is completely waterproof to a world recognised standard of IPX7, consequently the pad can be power washed and disinfected in safety.
What is the cost of running the pet pad?
During our extensive testing in real world situations we have found that the cost of running a heat pad can be as low as 6 cent per 24 hours.

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