Safe, reliable, efficient

At JODEL, we have been making animal heat pads since the early 1990s. Our pig pads are recognised worldwide as being of the highest safety standards and energy efficiency available. Add to this the pads durability and you can be sure that in purchasing JODEL you are buying a top quality product. Our Pet Pad is manufactured to the very same high standard as the Pig Pads.

Our focus has always been on safety, animal comfort and energy efficiency. Using the JODEL Pet Pad will give all pet owners peace of mind that their pets are using the best possible product of its kind.

JODEL is a name synonymous with animal safety and comfort. Using the existing technology they have designed a heat pad for use in pet hospitals, Kennels and for pets in their own homes.

Peace of mind

The new JODEL Pet Pad Incorporates all the safety features of the original Large animal Pad.

  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • Double Insulated
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Energy Efficient ( costs 6 cent approx. for 24 hours Heat )

Give your pet the comfort it deserves.

The temperature is fully controlled. Just set at the required Temperature and leave. The embedded sensor and the digital controller will take care of the rest.

Watch your pet snuggle up and sleep even in very cold weather. When you're not there to care for your pet, let JODEL be the carer.


Placing the Pet Pad

The JODEL Pet Pad comes in two sizes: standard or large. The size you decide upon depends on the needs of your pet(s). Place the JODEL Pet Pad on a flat indoor surface either in a kennel or on the floor. The temperature control unit should be mounted on a wall away from the reach of your pet(s). Leave enough space around the Pet Pad so that your pet can easily get on and off.

Setting up your pad

As the JODEL Pet Pad is a fully enclosed unit, there is no need for any electrical work to be carried out. Place the Pet Pad in the desired location. Mount the temperature control unit on a wall away from the reach of your pet(s). Connect the two together, using the screw connecting cable provided. Plug into a standard wall outlet.

The JODEL heat pad offers a large heated area at a constant, even temperature, which is accurately adjustable to the animals' requirements.

This reduces stress on a sick animal and aids recovery. The potential for thermal burning of sick or weak animals is eliminated due to temperature control.

Temperature Controller

JODEL manufactures and supplies its own, purpose built temperature controller.

  • The JODEL Pet Pad has a built in sensor port. The controller temperature probe is inserted directly into this sensor port.
  • The temperature is set using the temperature controller. When the set temperature has been reached, the control unit automatically switches the Pet Pad off.
  • Due to it's unique design, the Pet Pad is extremly effecient as it retains heat exceptionally well.
  • Only when the pad temperature drops 1.5°C (2.7°F) below the set temperature, does the controller switch back on the power.
  • In a 60 minute cycle the power is only on for between 6 and 8 minutes.